Performer, Choreographer, and educator Deepa Devasena has studied the Lucknow style of Kathak under the direction of Ms. Kiran Chouhan, senior disciple of the legendary Pandit Birju Maharaj. She has undergone further training in expressive and interpretative aspects of Kathak from Smt.Nirupama and Shri.Rajendra. Deepa is a senior degree holder in Bhrathanatyam & Kathak. She has also participated as lead dancer in a documentary on Indian dance forms sponsored by the Government of India. Deepa Devasena has performed extensively and has been featured many times on Indian national television. Along with giving performances, lecture demonstrations, workshops, and residencies in schools, universities, and private organizations Deepa Devasena currently choreographs and leads an Indian dance school - "Aarabhi School of Dance". She has shown her talents not only as a dancer but also as an asthetic and eloborate choreographer.


Aarabhi school has started a dance movement by blending the age-old folk and classical Indian dance forms and presenting it in distinctive new flavors. We invite you to join the dance movement and experience your passion grow with us.


*Would you like to hire our professional dance team for entertainment?

We have a well trained professional dance troupe that can provide entertainment in your event. The troupe will have 2 or more dancers all with beautiful Bollywood style costumes. They will be performing for a medley that consists of popular Bollywood hit songs, traditional Indian folk songs and fusion music. Our performances are any where between 5 to 15 minutes depending upon the request and time allotted. Also we can perform multiple times with various costume changes.


*Would you be interested in a dance workshop?

The party members will learn a dance routine for 1 hour and perform at the end of the workshop.


*We can even club the above, by doing a dance performance by our team and then do a 10 to 15 minute interactive learning session.


In the past, we had event organisers provide us a budget and we were able to work within the given budget. We are willing to work in the allotted budget. Please let us know your budget and we will put a great show for your event.


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